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​Our team members are our greatest asset

Saqs Investment is made up of an international team of talented technologists, publishers, analysts and marketers, all dedicated to our mission. We enjoy our work and we value the various skill sets and personalities within the team. We have representatives from 7 countries worldwide!


Every member of the Saqs Investment team believes strongly in the empowering power of knowledge. Every day we unite in doing our best to bridge the gap between those who have access to knowledge opportunity and those who do not.

“Saqs Investment” is the symbol of honour, intellect and financial freedom.

Our Vision:

Investment culture development

"Saqs Investment" is based on a 8-year experience in the different sectors , which means that our portfolio and projects are fast growing and sustainable, because we use the latest theories and technologies in management. We always adapt to a continuously changing and fast growing environment.

"Saqs Investment" is an international Investment Holding with its Head Office located in Hong Kong.  The company represents real facts of success with a qualified and motivated team.

Why Saqs Investment?

The company’s activities are based on the innovative management principles, which makes our projects stable. All the members of “Saqs Investment” team are motivated to achieve the company's strategic targets.

Company employees are experienced professionals with strong reputation, which makes our company more reliable for partners

around the world

Our Vision:

Success reached through  knowledge-based decisions

"Never Follow the Followers"

The most important part of our investment policy is providing support for small and new businesses, implementing modern management and marketing solutions. The company is always open for new projects and ideas.

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